Digital Transformation: Database Services by Cloud


Over the weekend, I started to review various cloud platforms and the data platforms and changes that have occurred in them. As you think about digital transformation and the amount of data needed, you also need to think about how you will collect and store data, and there are many options out there.

The most robust offerings sit with Amazon AWS, but Azure and Google have a ton of offerings and some unique services that there’s no clear “better” cloud. The AWS juggernaut in the cloud data infrastructure has something for every situation, but Google and Azure are close. I would caution you with thinking all the clouds are the same. They have different offerings and different services. While they may be similar, one may be better at specific tasks than another. The matrix depicted below is a generalization of the types of data services, mainly for something I was working on for myself, and I felt that it would be good to share it!

Cloud Database Technology

You can spin up anything you want through the marketplace features of many clouds, and these are no different. The distinction here is the native tools in the cloud offering that are managed by that cloud provider and not a third party.